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Here are three trends we’re going wild for!

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Dark Green is currently the most powerful colour across interior design. 🌍
Versatile enough to pair with any accent colourful or neutral. 🍃
Make a bold luxurious statement in your home today! 🏡

Shop the Teal range this Wednesday and introduce a colour that brings uniqueness and calming qualities into your home. 😌

A colour that encourages ‘compartmentalisation’ allowing you to get creative with each area of your home. 🛋️

Our favourite fun colour so far this year. 🤪

Curves will be ‘in’ all ‘round the home. 🏡

Introducing curvy features into your home can add a level of versatility to help your interior feel that much more complete. 🤝

Choose your curves in the form of the light grey, a range that is highly adaptable.👌🏽