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Be defined by design at Grand Designs this October

Trendi do colour. 

However this autumn Trendi are also bringing to you our brand new stainless steel and copper range.

During project renovations, new builds and refurbishments we understand that light switches and sockets can often be an afterthought, but they are constantly used and at eye level. Therefore at Trendiswitch we have created the perfect finishing touch to your room design.


From cathedrals to castles, homes to offices, copper has played an important role in the exterior and interior design of buildings. Copper has long been recognised for its ability to promote an atmosphere of tranquility and calm. The appearance is determined by different properties, mainly colour, lightness, gloss, texture and shape with visionary designers continuing to use copper’s living beauty as a focal point for their work.

Copper range

“Copper invites a nurturing feeling, and in the stressful times we are living in, the need to embody warmth resonates with a lot of people.”

Leatrice Eiseman
Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute

Stainless steel

The use of stainless steel is growing due the material’s attractive appearance and ease of maintenance, alongside improved and more widespread design guidance and enhanced product availability. Trendi now has a full range of stainless steel switches and sockets which seeks to fit seamlessly into the design of many homes around the world.

Stainless steel range

Grand Designs Live Show

The Grand Designs Live show is the perfect opportunity to learn all about us, whether you are loyal to the brand, interested in what we offer or are still learning about us. Across all five days we will have highly knowledgeable Trendi staff on hand to help with any queries.

If you aren’t able to come visit this time we have our excellent online catalogue which you can find below.

Be defined by design at Grand Designs this October.