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Love is in the air…

…and what perfect timing. We have recently added lots of wonderful new colours to our range which launched at the end of 2020. Amongst our new colours is our modern glossy pink & strawberry switches and sockets which co-insides perfectly for Valentine’s Day.

During this current pandemic, we’ve been spending more and more time at home, so why not treat not only yourselves, but your home to a treat (or two). Our products can really compliment your décor, you’ll be sure to receive lots of comments on them.

Do you like keeping your décor fresh alongside the current trends? Trendi has got you covered…ALL our products are interchangeable, therefore if you would like to change the colour of your switches and sockets, simply, purchase our faceplates only! Your current faceplates can pop off and your new colours can go on in a matter of seconds!

A fun fact for you, did you know…the name Pink was given to this colour in late 17th century. Pink is the most given colour for sending flowers to someone, but instead of flowers, why can’t this be switches and sockets? Make your gift a Trendi one!

Let’s have some fun facts about our products:

– Easy to install. Simply replace the old existing socket – no additional wiring required.
– Our high quality plastic face plate will not fade in direct sunlight or scratch easily. This means your products can stay looking fresh and new.
– Easy to clean, allowing you to keep it looking as good as new.

– You can simply pop off the faceplate if you’re redecorating so no need to spend time taping around your products!

Have you or a loved one finding it switches hard to locate and to turn on and off?

Our chrome long rocker switches are operated by a designer chrome vertical rocker switch, which means not online does it look good, it’s very easy to locate and to flick on and off.