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Trendi Switch, helping make your home feel special

I can hear you wondering and asking yourself “how can I have a designer home, I’m not a designer” but you can if you really want to, the answer is key pieces of furniture or accessories to accent your room.

Firstly, it’s all about colour, be bold and look for an accessory that will WOW your guests and make you smile every time you enter your room, often over looked or given the age old “stainless steel or chrome” treatment, Electrical Accessories such as light switches and sockets can be THE’ key piece in your room and you can design your theme around them, especially is you choice Trendiswitch.

Trendiswitch products will add a contemporary look and feel to any room, clean lines and tactile properties will draw your eye, choose Piano Black to contrast a bold room colour with or Apple White to soften a feature wall, Champagne Gold will add a touch of sophistication and Matt Silver a feeling of modern living.

To create an exciting ambiance, pick out the core colour in your room and have Trendi match your colour using our bespoke designer service.

No matter what you’re considering as a focus feature and we hope you choose Trendiswitch, with a bit of creativity and good judgment, there’s plenty of success to be had. Take an honest look at your space, needs, and means, and do some research to find out what best suits your situation. A little change can go a long way.