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Trendi Switch Tactile range of switches and sockets

Tactile feedback, perfect for ease of operation

The Trendi Switch range of switches and sockets has a tactile rocker switch controlling it’s switches and sockets. This gives the user a high level of easy operation, easily feeling when the rocker is being operated. This is perfect for elderly people or any person who might have difficulty operating the standard small and often stiff rocker switch.

Many of our retailers have had customer enquiries for Trendi Switch already in 2019 due to the tactile nature of our range. One wholesaler has been working with a designer currently undertaking a care home project. The attraction of the Long Rocker being so tactile was clear as the project designer decided to use our range for the care home project they are currently working on. They decided to test the 1 gang light switch in store first to see if we could operate it with their elbow, they could and with ease.