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Bring Retro-Modern Design Elements To Your Home With Trendi Switch

Ways To Bring Retro-Modern Design Elements To Your Home

For many homeowners, retro-modern design elements are important and the latest interior home design trends are seeing a push towards blending modern home styles with retro inspired décor. When paired in moderation, the results are an incredibly stylish home that adds some unique pieces to create a stunning new look.

Whether you have an ultra-modern home or a midcentury-modern home, you can still create a retro-modern look and take advantage of some new and old designs to help accent your look. By using trending pieces from these two different eras in home design, you can truly personalise your space and make it your own.


Let’s take a look at some ways that you can bring retro-modern design elements into your home design:

Midcentury Lighting Paired With Smart Home Devices- using midcentury lighting such as a Sputnik Lighting Pendant which was popular due the to launch of Russia’s Sputnik satellite in 1957, can give your home a retro-modern look quickly and easily. Adding smart home controls and modern, stylish light switch controls can make this look not only trendy, but functional as well.

Atomic Age Décor- from star backplates to 50’s and 60’s sci-fi elements, you can create an interesting accent to any room of your home. Smaller rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and smaller bedrooms really benefit from this look as they create a distraction from the small size of the room itself.

Midcentury Modern Shelving- every home can benefit from more storage space and midcentury modern shelving units can offer room for all of your photos, tech devices and keepsakes while providing a stylish, clean look.

Retro Wall Coverings- retro-modern wall coverings including mid-century wall colours, wall decals and wallpaper can add the finishing touches your retro-modern look needs to be complete. Modern rocker switch light switches with colourful switch plates in Gloss White or Champagne gold can add a late 50’s style to any room.

Stylish, Colourful Throws, Rugs And Pillows- retro-modern colours are often bold and bright and include orange and green as well as some interesting geometric patterns. Throw pillows, seat cushions and area rugs can give any room in your home a splash of colour while keeping with the retro-modern trend.

If you are looking for ways to decorate your home and want a modern feel with something unique and innovative, contact Trendi Switch and see their full line of modern, stylish light switch and home automation controls today!

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