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Why choose Trendi Switch USB Sockets?

Trendi Switch USB Sockets – How useful are they?

Double sockets with USB charging outlets are now the ‘must have’ electrical accessory. A great deal of USB sockets are now being introduced as standard fitment on new builds and refurbishments. Like every other Trendi Switch accessory they can be easily retro fitted by replacing existing standard power sockets as they do not require extra wiring.

The USB power source is the preferred and standard connection for charging almost all rechargeable devices. Here are some examples below which a Trendi Switch USB will charge.

  • All modern phones
  • Kindles and other reading devices
  • All Tablets
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers and headphones
  • Fitness devices and wristbands
  • Battery power banks

Before integrated USB charging sockets arrived, you needed a suitable 3 pin (in the UK) plug adapter to connect to a traditional power socket or you would have to charge from a suitable PC/Laptop which was powered on. This was not convenient for a fast charge.

Trendi Switch USB sockets are a great way to free up your wires and any adapters by getting rid providing 4 built in USB charging points, saving you money and hassle of changing plugs with the bonus of leaving you the 3 pin power sockets free for use.


How to the Trendi USB’s Perform?

The key topic when comparing and choosing what USB socket to buy is amperage. It is important to look for how many amps each outlet is rated at. Amps define the strength of the electrical current, or the strength of the electrical flow. This can be important information to note as devices such as iPads will require a higher flow of electricity (amps) to charge effectively such as 2.1 amps. The majority of phones will normally only require only 1.0 amps. The best choice of USB charging socket will be 2.1 amps.

The problem we find with many integrated USB double sockets is that manufacturers will often advertise the rated amperage for both sockets as a combined figure. This is correct due to the large majority of these USB sockets will ‘share’ the amperage between the USB ports. This means if you plug in any tablet or phone separately they will charge at a good rate, but plug them in together then they will charge very slowly as they share the current.

Trendi Switch USB sockets have 4 USB sockets, each one pumping out 2.1 amps so slow charging is a thing of the past, even with 4 devices plugged in at once!

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