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Trendi Switch FAQ’s!

Trendi Switch strives to offer great customer service from delivering your goods on a next day service or providing technical support Trendi Switch can do it all. Due to popular demand, we have compiled a small list of FAQ’s below.


Q. Are these a direct replacement for normal switches and sockets?

A. Yes the whole Trendi Switch range was designed around the idea that they can be easily swapped over with your existing switch gear.


Q. Does Trendi Switch offer technical support for end users?

A.  Yes our technical department can be reached by selecting option 3 on 0203 5899 520. They will be able to advise you of any general enquiries about our product range or wiring diagram requests. Please note we are unable to give wiring advice over the phone or email as we will not be held accountable for any wiring errors.


Q. How are they fixed to the wall?

A. We run a two plate system, which allows you to easily remove the faceplate from the backplate without the needs of tools. This will reveal the mounting screws for you to screw the product into your back box.


Q. Do they need to be earthed?

A. No/Yes. For all of the light switches in our range the products do not require an earth making them perfect for ease of installation. The sockets along with some accessories will need an earth.


Q. Are the switches fully certified and safe for UK & EU sale?

A. Yes, the entire Trendi Switch range is BS ( British Standard ) and CE ( European Conformity ) approved.


Q. Are the switches double or single pole?

A. All of the switches and sockets excluding the WHS1 and WHS2 are single pole. These two switches are double pole.


Q. Where are they made?

A. The Trendi Switch range is part produced in the far east and hand assembled in the UK. We are looking to a 100% British made product very soon.


Q. What are the Trendi Switches made from?

A. The range is made from a moulded fireproof ABS plastic with a scratch resistant and UV proof coating over the top to ensure the glossy finish lasts.


Got any more questions which have not been answered? Please give us a call on 0203 5899 520 and select option 3 or email