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1 Way Version Switches Being Discontinued

Trendi Switch has discontinued all of our 1 way version products, now being replaced and sold as ‘1 or 2 way’ units.


Here at Trendi Switch we are always looking to improve our customers experience with our products. Leaving a long standing positive impression with our products is always key and that’s why we have decided to phase out our 1 way options for the 1 to 4 gang switches.

From the 1st of April we have decided to sell our 1-4 gang switches as ‘1 or 2 way’ only, ensuring the customer always has the option of 2 way use. Customers can sometimes pruchase the 1 way version without realising and it can be a frustrting experience from the start.

If you only want to use a 1 way switch it is perfectly safe to leave the 2 way terminal out of use. If you have any technical questions please give us a call and select option 2 on 0203 5899 520.

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