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Gotta love the interchangeable front…

That’s just one of our customer comments regarding our interchangeable face plates.


“Great build quality and finish. But perhaps the best part about it … is the fact the front plate is a separate piece of plastic. That means that … the front can be swapped to any colour.”

Due to the screwless feature on all Trendiswitch® light switches and sockets – purchase just one complete unit and then as many different coloured interchangeable face plates as suits your decor and mood!
Install your Trendiswitch® light switch or socket unit then simply clip on your colour choice of face plate to complete the screwless appearance.


Standard Trendiswitch® interchangeable face plates are always available in white, black, silver or gold. Should you require a different colour, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our minimum order requirements on 0203 5899 520 /