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Dear Trendiswitch® Consumer

Dear Consumer, Customer, Surfer – or even Competitor:

Trendiswitch® would like to clarify your legal position. Please be aware that if pirate copies of Trendiswitch® products are purchased, they are not covered under any of the Trendswitch® certifications.
National patent, design and trademark laws differ substantially from country to country. You can only be sure that you have purchased a guaranteed certified Trendiswitch® product if:

  • you have purchased through an authorised seller as detailed on our website
  • your product arrived within a hologrammed box
  • your product arrived within a branded bag with a branded product leaflet
  • the reverse of your product has lazered branding and certifications




At Trendiswitch® , we believe that any original product design should be protected against copying for as long as it is produced and marketed. Also, designs, company names and trademarks should not be used in unrelated settings without the owner’s consent. This is in the best interest not only of our company but also of consumers, all over the world.

All we ask is that there should be fair play and the possibility for consumers to make buying decisions on an informed basis.

What is a Trademark?
A trademark is a word, symbol or design, including a logo, the shape of goods or of their packaging, that distinguishes the goods of one company from those of another company. A trademark also can be used to show the endorsement or approval of the trademark owner for materials bearing the trademark.

A Trademark must be Protected
A trademark must be able to distinguish the goods of one company from those of another. If a trademark loses this ability, the owner may find that it can no longer prevent others from using the trademark. An owner must prevent the improper use of its trademarks to prevent the public from being deceived.

Proper Use of the Trendiswitch Trademark on a Web Site
If the Trendiswitch® trademark is used at all, this should always be by authorised sellers only. The Trendiswitch® trademark should always appear with a ® symbol each time it is used.

The Trendiswitch Trademark cannot be used in an Internet Address
The Trendiswitch trademark should not be incorporated into an Internet address. Internet addresses have become useful tools for people to identify the source of a homepage. Using “Trendi” in the domain name would be creating the misleading impression that Trendiswitch® sponsored the homepage.

What is a Copyright?
A copyright is an exclusive right to make or distribute copies, by any means, of original written and artistic materials. This exclusive right includes the right to make copies in a computer memory.

Scanning Of Copyrighted Materials Into A Web Site
Trendiswitch® owns the copyrights to its instructions, publications and to the photographs used in our catalogs and on our packages. Copying, scanning and distributing these materials on the Internet would be an infringement of our copyrights. Trendiswitch® authorised sellers are licensed to use such images.

Trendiswitch® appreciate the interest which has been expressed about our company and our products and hope you can now confidently #switchtoTrendi.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0203 5899 520,