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The perfect screwless finish

Achieveing that perfect finish to any room can be hard, but with Trendi it is made easy.

The screwless finish throughout the Trendi Switch range enables everyone to add that finishing touch to any room. Screwless finishes are very popular, and for good reason as they remove the ugly screw heads which can ruin a good looking switch. They are also popular as they will fit into a standard back box, making replacing your existing switches easy.

All of the Trendi Switch range is made with user ease in mind, taking the front plate on and off to install, clean or decorate around couldn’t be easier. The faceplate will simply un-clip itself from the switch if a small amount of pull is used on the bottom of the switch. This clip on and off style faceplate works perfect if you plan to install the switches and wish to re-decorate afterwards. Simply remove the faceplate and paint right up to the switch. It doesn’t matter unlike other switches if you paint the plastic sub frame, as this is completely concealed by the faceplate. Simply clip the faceplate back on once the paint has dried and you have one marvellously simple way to paint around a switch without removing with a perfect finish.


Our video in the blog gives you a quick demonstration of how the faceplates work. #switchtotrendi