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Trendi Switch is Back with a Bang!

The Neutral is back with a TRENDI Bang
Often described as the safe option based on the ability to blend in with anything, the TRENDI White range bends the rules.  TRENDI White © has been described as “versatility with distinction.”  The range has been successfully incorporated into numerous projects from the small individual kitchen refurbishments all the way up to complex student accommodation developments.

We believe that for the foreseeable future the light switch & plug socket are here to stay.  The majority of appliances will still need to be plugged in and switched on for many decades to come.  So why does the light switch need to be boring and dated?

With prices starting from £4.50 for a single rocker switch, it easy to transform a room with our stylish white design currently taking the UK by storm.  The full white range is available here:

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